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Deliberations of the Committee on Petitions 2017

(none) (+) The Petitions Committee offers a unique voice for citizens in the EU and its institutions, thus making it a useful source of information. This report calls on the Commission to improve the quality of their replies to the committee in relation to petitions, calls for the timely handling of infringement procedures and asks the Commission to identify ways of enhancing cooperation with Member State authorities. I voted in favour of this report because the Petitions Committee is the cornerstone of democracy, European values and a transparent European Union.
 FOR (+) I voted in favour of this report. The European Parliament’s Petitions Committee is a key method of communication by citizens to the European Parliament to draw its attention to issues pertaining to the application of EU legislation in the Member States and any resultant effects on citizens, consumers and businesses. The report gives an overview of the Committee’s work during 2017, with the aim of bringing about improvements where necessary.
 FOR (+) The European Parliament has long been at the forefront of the development of the petitions process internationally and it still has the most open and transparent system in Europe, which allows in particular, full participation of petitioners in its activities. The report draws attention to the specific interactive nature of the petition process with citizens who, through their petitions, provide a useful source of information for detecting breaches, loopholes or inconsistencies in EU law. Citizens in turn expect the EU institutions to bring added value in resolving their concerns. Improvements have also been made to the petitions web portal so more petitions have been submitted this way. Users of the web portal also have the possibility to support petitions. The report calls on the Commission to improve the quality of its replies to the committee – including during committee meetings – in relation to petitions. It also calls for a timely handling of the infringement procedure and asks the Commission to identify ways of enhancing cooperation with Member State authorities when it comes to responding to inquiries about the implementation of and compliance with EU law. That is why I voted in favour.
 FOR (+) I voted in favour of this report as it informs us on the content of petitions initiated by people in 2017 and the work that is being done by the Committee on Petitions. The main subject of petitions were environmental issues, showing the growing need to deal with the degradation of the environment. Compared to previous years, more petitions received were declared inadmissible. Concerning the petitions that are admissible the report illustrates that the majority of petitions are closed within a year after being processed, showing the efficiency of the work being done in the Committee on Petitions.